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Helping writers write more effectively - Our passion, our promise.



First 10,000 words

@ $150USD

Additional up to 100,000

@ $100USD / 10,000

Over 100,000 words

@ $60USD / 10,000

Package includes all the benefits of Simple

& Premium Proofs.

(grammar, prose, tense, voice, etc.

+ feedback on characters, story, flow, etc.) and may include suggestions for flow, consistency, style, POV, dialogue, plot and characters. with

email follow-ups

& revision read.


First 10,000 words @ $100USD

Additional words

@ $75USD / 10,000

Will address:  spelling, grammar/typos, punctuation, tense inconsistencies.  Includes, a beta test of the finished project - opinion on characters, events, storyline, flow. (No feedback on writer’s ability, quality of grammar/prose.) MAY include an overall impression of characters, plot, and believability and accompanied by suggestions. 

Two rounds of email follow up / feedback.

Free read of revision.


First 10,000 words

@ $75USD

Additional words

@ $50USD / 10,000

Proofreading: passive voice, awkward prose, POV, excessive use of dialogue tags, tense inconsistencies, and/but/other filler words, grammar/typos/

punctuation errors.


Italian Language book proofread: $75USD for the first 10,000 / $45USD each additional 10,000 

English Language book with Italian phrases: $25USD / page of Italian, only Italian words will be edited

Translation to or from English: $100USD for the first 10,000 / $75USD each additional 10,000 



Typing on a Computer

Roxx excels at catching the small details, pointing out plot holes/inconsistencies and letting me know when/if one of my characters is acting contrary to their personality. Highly recommend her services to anyone wanting a second/professional opinion.

Margena Skuravy,

writing The Misadventures of

Miss Write and the Nosy Parker Novels as Gena Webb;

also writing Alamo City

Mysteries as Kay Wyont

Since first being published, I decided to give my books more love. I had been recommended two editors, so I dispersed a couple of books to one while I sent another couple of books to Proof Perfect--they were about the same in pricing with Proof Perfect a tad bit more, but not so much so--and I was so impressed by the way she did the editing, from now on, my books will definitely be sent to Proof Perfect!

Typing on a Computer

Roxx recently acted as a "Book Doctor" for a fat trimming operation on my new novel 'One Last Move.' After safely removing almost 7,000 words, the book emerged both intact and improved. If your manuscript needs a check-up see Doctor Roxx. She will give it first class attention. Highly recommended!

Wes Snowden,

author of Firebug,

One Last Move,

and many others

Typing on a Computer

Roxx was extremely helpful to me when she beta read my work.  An avid reader’s opinion before going to print is an invaluable piece of information.  To have Roxx give your work a thumbs up, means you’re ready to go.

Fiona Qiunn,

author of the World of Iniquus romantic suspense thrillers

Roxx did a fabulous job helping me with my Italian translations for Beauty Expos Are Murder! She responds very quickly and professionally. I highly recommend her services.

Libby Klein,

author of The Poppy

McAllister Mysteries

Typing on a Computer

As an indie writer, there are times I need someone precise while giving me a quick turnaround
on a draft. Roxx has never let me down. Her eye for detail, voice, tone, style, and consistency
gives me the confidence to publish my final draft.

Jodi Rath
Author of The Cast Iron Skillet Mystery Series
Entrepreneur of MYS ED LLC.

I often find myself reading a book wishing I could write like that author. With your edits, I will "write like that." It never occurred to me that an editor helped them write like that. Thank you so much! 

Karen Randau,
author of Rim Country Mysteries and Tawnee Mountain Mysteries

Typing on a Computer

I have visual dyslexia.  Roxx was fantastic at bringing my book to the next level. She never complained about the number of mistakes there were, working to keep my style and the flow of my book. She gave excellent advice on my characters - how to make them more relatable and pointed out many red flags I hadn’t noticed.

I cannot recommend Roxx highly enough and will definitely reach out to her for my second book.

V. A. Rudys,
Author of
My Wife Jodie



Hi, I'm Roxx and I'm probably reading right now. 

Reading is my passion, but finding errors is something that comes naturally.  As one client puts it “you just can’t help yourself!”  [THAT was after I corrected her use of “peaked” instead of “piqued” in an email!] 


I’m semi-retired with plenty of time to devote to making your work the absolute best it can be.  To that end, we offer to edit a sample piece so that you can feel confident that your manuscript is in good hands; knowing that we will work together effectively.  Additionally, my services at every level include three readthroughs before they get handed off, plus a final re-read when you have made your changes.

I proofread and edit mostly fiction – mysteries, thrillers, and romance as well.  I have also worked with book blurbs and promo material, author newsletters, and social media posts for entrepreneurs.  Additionally, I can provide translation and foreign language editing in Italian.  I have associates who can provide Spanish language editing and proofreading services.

Contact me to discuss how I can help make your work more effective.  You have my promise on that.

Angela Kay,
writing The Jim DeLong Mysteries 

Proof Perfect - Helping writers write more effectively - Our passion, our promise


What genres do you edit/proofread?

I work with fiction in most genres, but my niche is mystery & crime drama, thrillers, and cozy mysteries.


What file types do you work with?

I have a Windows-based laptop, so either .doc, .docx, rtf; but I do also work in Google Docs.


Do you offer editing / proofreading in other languages?

I’ve let my French lapse, but I have services in Italian and Spanish.


How are proofreading and editing different?

Proofreading is done AFTER editing. A proofreader ensures that the final draft is completely free of grammatical errors – subject-verb agreements, incorrect word choices, improper punctuation, and incorrect spelling – as well as any formatting and typographical errors.

What does a development editor do?

A development editor checks for POV, consistency, timing, info-dumping, too little info, weak conflict, and showing vs telling. Editors point these things out, but also assist in their correction.


What is line editing?

Line editing focuses on problems with jargon, contemporary references, malapropisms, and incongruities. They also fact check and check for legal issues – copyrights and so on. We check that details are consistent from one scene to the next, one chapter to the next, looking at character name and appearance changes. Tighten overlong sentences, eliminate repetition, and improve dialogue, and scene transitions.

What types of projects do you work on?

I work mostly on fiction manuscripts; but also, have done book blurbs, promotional copy, and newsletters.






Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday: 8am - 11pm

Thanks for submitting!

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